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Top 5 Internal CGIs of 2020

Continuing our look at the top images we have created in the first half of this year, let's now look at some beautiful and stylish internal CGIs we've had the pleasure of bringing to life.

First up - Baldwin's Lane kitchen diner

Can you picture yourself sat at a dinner party with this table laid out in front of you? The detail of the stunning cutlery, the glass wear, the flowers; and then in the background the artwork and realistic garden - we LOVED creating this image, and we hope you love it to.

Broxlea Meadows lounge

Just wow! From the textured wooden flooring, to the stylish artwork, and the lighting, we LOVED working on this CGI room, and are very jealous of whoever ends up moving in here.

Elm Farm kitchen diner

That island! The lampshade! The beautiful chairs! All those windows bringing so much light into the room, we'd be very content hosting a dinner party in this room, and then reclining in the lounge area afterwards. One of our absolute fave internal CGIs.

Church Walk bedroom

When simplicity is required, an internal CGI with just a few statement pieces creates it - one large rug, and one large piece of art on the wall draws your eye in, and then you start noticing the large Juliet balcony, and the walk in wardrobe. What a room to wake up in.

Albury Place bathroom

We had to include a bathroom image in our Top 5 internal CGIs, and here is Albury Place, which we love for the soft tones we created with the wood, and neutral walls, without any splashes of vibrant colours. Just a simple, paired down image, but oh so stylish and inviting at the same time.

And to see some more lovely internal CGIs we've created, please click HERE

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