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Proofing. Made easy

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

We love making your life easier.

Your work time is precious, and we know that what you want from your CGI supplier is to get your marketing material delivered to you quickly, and for you and maybe your clients to easily suggest any amendments that you'd like.

That is why we've invested heavily in our proofing system, that enables us to upload all your images in one central online platform, and for you to to easily add comments that we instantly receive and can action.

No more printing off of our images, no more annotating by pen, and then scanning and sending back to us. No more long winded emails with written feedback, or lengthy phones calls going "you see that window, third along, up a bit, to the top right of it - there - you see it?"

Take a look at the quick video below that shows you how it all works - we think you'll love it, and can definitely say it will speed up your projects, and make your life so more stress free:

So don't forget to always contact White Chalk for all your new build property marketing.

Click HERE to contact us for a quote.

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