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Best House CGIs of 2020 (so far!)

So we're half way through the year, and so we're taking a moment to reflect on some of the best images we've created this year to help Property Developers, Estate Agents, Architects and Marketing Agencies with their new build off-plan marketing and planning applications.

Starting off with our most popular request - House CGIs.

So in no particular order, here's our Top 5.

1) Mirrorbrook

Look at those balconies! And the floor to ceiling windows. A real beaut of a house, and one we couldn't wait to convert from architect plans into a house CGI.

2) Loampit Hill

The detail of the design on this house is what made us select this property for our Top 5 House CGIs of the year so far. The brickwork, the corbling, the angles - we love this building, and it was a joy to bring to life.

3) Ullenwood

This image was part of a big project which involved a pretty cool CGI fly-through as well (which you can see HERE). And there are so many stunning looking houses on this development to choose from, but this was the one we went for for our Top 5 House CGIs of 2020 so far.

4) Bank House

The back of this house CGI is the money shot - stepping down into the garden via a discreet terrace, you just couldn't tell from the front of this house just how big it was, but still very tastefully designed, and one of our faves.

5) Greyland

Ah! A house CGI taken at dusk! Brings a warm feel to any property. But especially this one, with it's amazing use of glass to let light flood into it.

To see more examples of House CGIs we have created for happy clients, click HERE

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