CGI photo montage

Qute often now, planners will want to see a photo montage CGI created as part of your planning application, to show exactly how the street scene will look with your new property added in. At White Chalk, we can create this image for you. And we can also overlay a CGI model over photo for marketing purposes too. Take a look below - first example is for marketing purposes where we superimposed a rooftop outdoor garden on top of a soon to be built apartment block, onto an actual view of the Birmingham skyline. Second view was for a planning application, where we took a photo of the street scene for the client, and then superimposed the proposed new house onto the image. For more examples of CGI

360 degree panoramas

Witness an immersive VR new build experience from White Chalk. Help your clients fully appreciate your proposed internal room layouts, created for less than you would imagine, with a 360 degree panorama. This is where we take a central point in a room, and create a 360 degree view all round this point, to showcase all four sides of the room, and all created for less than you would think. Want to know how this looks? Click on the image below: And for more examples, click on the link below: And for a fresh approach to your off-plan new build marketing, please click HERE for an instant quote, and let us help you increase your customer enquiries

Photo image enhancing

Some new build schemes will be actual conversions of existing buildings, where perhaps you dont want a CGI created, you want to show off the features of the old building, but perhaps with new windows, doors, and a new lick of paint. That's where White Chalk's image enhancing feature can really work for you, as we take a high-resolution photo, and digitially enhance it, to remove blemishes like shadows and marks, and add in new features which will be present when the build is complete. We can also do fancy things like add in cars to driveways, make the sun shine, and blow the clouds away. For more examples of photo image enhancing from White Chalk, go to:

CGI over drone photography

We have a great idea for both off-plan marketing and planning applications to showcase those schemes with stunning surroundings. This is where we organise a drone photographer to take an aerial image of your site as it is right now (existing undeveloped buildings, or a real-life building site whilst the scheme is in its infancy), and then superimpose the proposed CGI model of your scheme into it. Architects - use this tool for when the planners are wanting to see how your scheme will impact on its surroundings, especially when the green belt is involved. Developers / agents - how great to showcase one of the development's main USPs - it's green surroundings, by showing potential buyers just

CGIs for Housing Associations

We have a great working relationship with many Housing Associations across the country, and find great satisfaction in producing marketing material that will be used to help buyers find affordable property to move into. In 2018 we've produced marketing material for Bromford, Radian Homes, Walsall Housing Group, Hackney Council, Red Kite Housing, Rooftop Housing and Greenfield Community Housing - please click on this link to see what we've produced for them all: but we'd love to speak to more RSLs, so do please get in touch. Please click HERE for an instant quote, and let us help you increase your customer enquiries and sales rate. Or alternat

Bespoke designed development websites

Many developers are now coming to White Chalk, wanting to create a website to showcase all aspects of their company and new home developments. Take Churcham Homes, a relatively new development company based in and around Gloucestershire. Already great fans of White Chalk through our CGIs, floor plans, site plans, fly-throughs and brochures we had created on previous developments of theirs, they wanted us to bring all these deisgns together into a new company website, which we did: And you can see the final results by clicking HERE. We can create company websites, or stand-alone development websites for one off schemes, like we did with T Balfe Construction on their Handley Chase development:

Our best house CGIs of 2018

External CGIs of houses are our most requested image to be created, so we had a lot to look over to choose our Top 5 of 2018. Rest assured those that didn't make the list were wonderful images as well, but because of the design of the following 5 house types, it made creating our CGIs that much easier. So here they are for your viewing pleasure, from no.5 down to no.1 No.5 - barn conversion CGI - St Buryan - Dama Property A tricky project, this building was a conversion of an existing barn, and so we had to match up our CGI brickwork to the existing buiding, which had been weathered over many, many years. But the end result is a house with lovely combination of the old and new - old brickwor

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